Class DEROctetString

Direct Known Subclasses:
DESede3CBCParameter, EncryptedKey, SignatureValue

public class DEROctetString
extends DERObject

DEROctetString is primitive type of DER encoded object for representation of the octet strings (array of bytes) in ASN.1 notation.

Constructor Summary
DEROctetString(byte[] octetsString0)
          Creates DER encoded byte array from input byte array
Methods inherited from class org.webdocwf.util.smime.der.DERObject
getContentOctets, getContentPartSize, getDEREncoded, getIdentifierOctet, getLengthOctets, getLengthPartSize, getTagClassType, getTagComplexity, getTagTypeNumber, getTotalSize
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Constructor Detail


public DEROctetString(byte[] octetsString0)
               throws SMIMEException
Creates DER encoded byte array from input byte array
octetsString0 - byte array for DER encoding
SMIMEException - thrown in super class constructor.

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