Class DESede3CBCParameter


public class DESede3CBCParameter
extends DEROctetString

DESede3CBCParameter is parameter used in Content Encryption Algorithm Identifier in CMS object for encrypted message, for DES_EDE3_CBC and DES algorithms. Parameter for those algorithms is made only from initialization vector. Key length is not important.

DESede3CBCParameter ::= IV

IV ::= OCTET STRING -- exactly 8 octets

Constructor Summary
DESede3CBCParameter(byte[] iv0)
          Constructor takes IV (Initialization Vector) as byte array
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Constructor Detail


public DESede3CBCParameter(byte[] iv0)
                    throws SMIMEException
Constructor takes IV (Initialization Vector) as byte array
iv0 - Initialization Vector
SMIMEException - if Initialization Vector - IV is not 8 bytes long. Also, it can be thrown from super class constructor.

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