Package org.webdocwf.util.smime.util

Class Summary
ByteArrayComparator ByteArrayComparator is used for finding first appearance of the inner byte array in the outher byte array.
ConvertAssist This class contains static methods which makes easier work and conversion between different types under the large ammount of data (arrays, streams, files ...).
DERLengthSearcher DERLengthSearcher is used for searching the content length of inner DER object, and for counting the number of length octets in that DER object.
Display Methods of this class are used for displaying byte array on screen in different forms.
HtmlAnalyzer HtmlAnalyzer class is used for parsing html code which has to become content of the message.
MimeAssist MimeAssist contains static methods which help in manipulation and work with mime messages.
PFXUtils PFXUtils class has static methods which are dealing with .pfx, or .p12 files.

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