Class SMIMEIOException

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public class SMIMEIOException

SMIMEIOException is exception which is thrown in the classes specific for SMIME and in the processes associated with SMIME, but only where is imposible to throw SMIMEException instead of IOException. This is situation, for example, in case of implementation of interfaces whose methods are defined to throw IOException. If in such method SMIMEException occures, we must throw SMIMEIOException (which has posibilities to carry SMIMEException object that can be examined in higher instance) instead of it.

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Constructor Summary
SMIMEIOException(SMIMEException exception0)
          Construction with SMIMEException object as parameter.
Method Summary
 SMIMEException getSMIMEException()
          Gets stored SMIMEException object.
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Constructor Detail


public SMIMEIOException(SMIMEException exception0)
Construction with SMIMEException object as parameter.
exception0 - SMIMEException object which is reason for throwing SMIMEIOException exception.
Method Detail


public SMIMEException getSMIMEException()
Gets stored SMIMEException object.

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