Class DERClassContextSpecific


public class DERClassContextSpecific
extends DERClassContextSpecificPr

DERClassContextSpecific can be both, primitive or structured type of DER encoded object with the context-specific class tag (part of object Identifier Octet) in ASN.1 notation. Difference bettween DERClassContextSpecific and DERClassContextSpecificPr is that class DERClassContextSpecific has public method addContent. Also, DERClassContextSpecific extends it's super class DERClassContextSpecificPr.

Constructor Summary
DERClassContextSpecific(int type0, boolean structured0)
          Constructs the structured or primitive DERClassContextSpecific object
Method Summary
 void addContent(byte[] content0)
          Adds content to DER encoded Context Specific Class Type
Methods inherited from class org.webdocwf.util.smime.der.DERObject
getContentOctets, getContentPartSize, getDEREncoded, getIdentifierOctet, getLengthOctets, getLengthPartSize, getTagClassType, getTagComplexity, getTagTypeNumber, getTotalSize
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Constructor Detail


public DERClassContextSpecific(int type0,
                               boolean structured0)
                        throws SMIMEException
Constructs the structured or primitive DERClassContextSpecific object
type0 - define value of identifier octet
structured0 - used for defining structured complexity of Context Specific class (true means structured, and false means primitive)
SMIMEException - thrown in super class constructor.
Method Detail


public void addContent(byte[] content0)
                throws SMIMEException
Adds content to DER encoded Context Specific Class Type
addContent in class DERClassContextSpecificPr
content0 - content for adding to Context Specific Class Type
SMIMEException - when adding content to primitive DERClassContextSpecificPr object is performed more than once, or thrown in super class method addContent.

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