Class SignerInfos


public class SignerInfos
extends DERSetPr

SignerInfos class is DER encoded container, represented in ASN.1 notation according to RFC2630, used for storing individual information about each signer of the signed message. Beside other information, SignerInfos class contains signature of the message.

SignerInfos ::= SET OF SignerInfo

SignerInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
version CMSVersion,
sid SignerIdentifier,
digestAlgorithm DigestAlgorithmIdentifier,
signedAttrs [0] IMPLICIT SignedAttributes OPTIONAL,
signatureAlgorithm SignatureAlgorithmIdentifier,
signature SignatureValue,
unsignedAttrs [1] IMPLICIT UnsignedAttributes OPTIONAL }

Constructor Summary
          Constructs an empty SignerInfos container.
Method Summary
 void addSigner(byte[] message0, cert0, privKey0, SignedAttributes sAttr0, java.lang.String signedAlg0)
          Adds particular signer to SignerInfos.
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Constructor Detail


public SignerInfos()
            throws SMIMEException
Constructs an empty SignerInfos container.
SMIMEException - thrown in super class constructor.
Method Detail


public void addSigner(byte[] message0,
                      SignedAttributes sAttr0,
                      java.lang.String signedAlg0)
               throws SMIMEException
Adds particular signer to SignerInfos. This function must be performed at least once.
message0 - message which will be used in process of signing if parameter sAttr0 is null
cert0 - owners certificate
privKey0 - owners private key
sAttr0 - container for Signed Attributes
signedAlg0 - specifies signing algorithm type
digestAlg0 - specifies digest algorithm type
SMIMEException - in case of missing owners certificates or missing private keys. Also, exception could be thrown in super class addContent method.

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