Class MessageDigestAttribute


public class MessageDigestAttribute
extends Attribute

MessageDigestAttribute is Signed Attribute and is used for creating CMS object for signed messages. It defines the type of digest used in CMS object in information about particular signing.

Constructor Summary
MessageDigestAttribute(byte[] message0, java.lang.String digestAlg0)
          Performes construction and digesting of message in the same time
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Constructor Detail


public MessageDigestAttribute(byte[] message0,
                              java.lang.String digestAlg0)
                       throws SMIMEException
Performes construction and digesting of message in the same time
message0 - input massage for digest algorithm
digestAlg0 - object identifier name for digest algorithm (for example "SHA1")
SMIMEException - caused by non SMIME exception which is NoSuchAlgorithmException if invalid digestAlg0 parameter is passed to the constructor. Also, exception could be thrown by super class constructor or by super class addContent method.

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