Class Content


public class Content
extends DERClassContextSpecificPr

Content class is DER encoded container, represented in ASN.1 notation according to RFC2630, used for storing contents of CMS object.

content [0] EXPLICIT ANY DEFINED BY contentType

Constructor Summary
Content(byte[] content0, boolean structured0)
          Constructs structured DER encoded object with tag Class Context Specific
Methods inherited from class org.webdocwf.util.smime.der.DERClassContextSpecificPr
Methods inherited from class org.webdocwf.util.smime.der.DERObject
getContentOctets, getContentPartSize, getDEREncoded, getIdentifierOctet, getLengthOctets, getLengthPartSize, getTagClassType, getTagComplexity, getTagTypeNumber, getTotalSize
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Constructor Detail


public Content(byte[] content0,
               boolean structured0)
        throws SMIMEException
Constructs structured DER encoded object with tag Class Context Specific
content0 - byte array content for adding to instance of class Content
structured0 - type of content: structured (true) or primitive (false)
SMIMEException - thrown from super class constructor or its addContent method.

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