Class CapabilitiesAttribute


public class CapabilitiesAttribute
extends Attribute

Capabilities which this class can indicate are capabilities of symetric encryption algorithm: DES_EDE3_CBC, RC2_CBC with 128bit key, RC2_CBC with 64bit key, DES and RC2_CBC with 40bit key. Capabilities Attributes are one of Signed Attributes and are used for creating CMS objects for signed messages.

Constructor Summary
CapabilitiesAttribute(java.lang.String[] capabilities0)
          Constructs capabilities from given list with information about algorithm
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Constructor Detail


public CapabilitiesAttribute(java.lang.String[] capabilities0)
                      throws SMIMEException
Constructs capabilities from given list with information about algorithm
capabilities0 - is array of Strings with element corresponds to appropriate algorithm (list of algorithms).
SMIMEException - in case of unknown type of Capabilities Attributes. Also, it can be thrown from super class constructor or its addContent method.

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